Monday, September 1, 2014

My First Hair Test Results

Here are the Results from my first Hair Test:

The results were a pretty serious wake up call, exactly the one I needed to get me motivated to do the Nutritional Balancing program. I'm in what they call a 4 lows pattern and have a Bowl Pattern, very low Na/K and very high Ca/Mg which show I'm in the exhaustion stage of stress. I have double adrenal burnout. I'm still learning exactly what all of these things mean. Here's what I've learned so far. 

The Four Lows means that the 4 most crucial minerals, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium are extremely deficient in the body. The analogy of the Four Lows pattern that works for me is that I'm like a car stuck in a ditch spinning it's wheels and going no-where fast. They also call it the tunnel of death because people who are ready to die go into this pattern. I don't feel like that is the case today but last time this year I was in the tunnel of death. My life force was almost non existent and it felt like my spirit was deciding whether to keep fighting or just give up. Last September I felt like just ending my life because I was so exhausted and so depressed at the same time. It was a darkness that kept coming back and had built up over the years so it was difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I really couldn't see any reason to keep going if my life was going to continue the way it had been. Fortunately I made it through that time with the help of the plant spirit Ayahuasca, Kundalini Yoga, Self Inquiry Meditation, and my friends Ruthy and Sarah and the trace of reaming will to stay alive. 
A bowl pattern is shown in my results because Calcium and Potassium are higher and Magnesium and Sodium are lower, thus creating visually on the graph a bowl pattern. A low sodium/potassium ratio is associated with exhaustion (yes), chronic stress (Somewhat), frustration (yes) and resentment (yes) and hostility (NO). I have been extremely frustrated because I've been trying hard to feel better and heal and I still felt exhausted. I have been resentful of my upbringing and have cleared much of this anger out with Aya but I suspect there is yet some anger to clear. The high calcium/magnesium ratio (mine is very high at 15.0) is associated with defensiveness of a lifestyle factor or attitude that is not helpful for a person. This one I'm still pondering. I'm not sure what I've been defensive about in my lifestyle.  

 The bowl pattern often shows that the person feels stuck in life. As I pondered this I realized I do and have felt stuck for a long time due to my depression and fatigue. I have fought my way tooth and nail out of depression and was successful but with continued fatigue I have many days of frustration and wonder if I'll ever be have the energy to achieve my goals. I've also felt stuck in my expression, creative and vocal, not feeling confident enough to express myself because I haven't been mentally clear enough to know what I have to say.  I've also had poor memory so I can't recall details which have added to low self esteem and feeling like I'm a boring person and have nothing to contribute. This can be attributed to the high aluminum in my system as aluminum interferes with cognitive abilities. 

When I was a teenager I had major perspiration issues and really bad backne. My mom took me to the doctor for it and he gave me antibiotics for my acne and a pharmaceutical topical medicine for my perspiration. It literally clogged my pores so I couldn't sweat. Needless to say, me acne didn't go away, it was the same or worse. Most likely this added to my aluminum toxicity because many of anticholingerics doctors prescribe for excessive sweating have aluminum chloride in them. Instead of asking me about my diet and lifestyle, he just prescribed a drug. Oh the idiocracy of western medicine! 

When I spoke with him on the phone yesterday, Dr. Wilson had the intuition that I was also lead toxic because lead makes you feel very heavy.  This is definitely how I've felt for the last 5-10 years. When the calcium in the body is depleted the body will use lead as a substitute which leads to lead toxicity. With my coffee addiction I wouldn't' be surprised if this was the case. Coffee is said to deplete calcium from the body. It will take a few hair tests for the lead to come out because the body doesn't mobilze lead from the tissue storage very easily. 

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