Thursday, September 4, 2014

A New Record and Some Soulful Eating Rituals

I realized this morning that I've set a couple records for myself. Never before have I gone this long without eating out nor have I done this many dishes consistently for myself. It's been 9 days straight that I've cooked and eaten at home. My whole adult life has been mostly eating out in restaurants, health food store hot bars and salad bars, and lots and lots of burritos. I've never cooked for myself and eaten at home for more than 2 or 3 days in a row. I didn't think I was an unhealthy eater compared to what I used to be, but I now see I ate way more carbs and sugar than my body wanted.

I've never done this many dishes for myself either. When you eat 3 meals a day at home the dishes really build up fast. I can't imagine being a mom and cooking for a husband and kids let alone myself. Shout out to all you Mom's out there! It takes a lot of time and energy just to cook, eat and clean 3 meals a day let alone try to get your kids to eat healthy. That's part of the reason I've eaten out so much, because I'm lazy and I haven't valued nourishing my body. I also didn't know that meals could be simple and still delicious so I was usually intimidated by cooking. Truly, I've taken my body for granted. Now I feel loving my body is the most important thing I'm doing so I'm willing to take the time.  I have the time right now and I don't have to go to a job and that's a huge part of why I can handle this program. Doing this diet while working a full time job would be much more difficult. Most office's don't offer a steamer or a full kitchen, just a microwave. Nutritional Balancing is my job right now. I'm actually eating 2 full meals a day and a few small snacks in between but that still makes a lot of dishes.

My food and meal time is becoming more sacred. At least once a day, before I eat the plate full of beautiful steamed veggies and protein, I am taking the time to be grateful for the abundance in my life. I thank all the people who were involved in giving love and energy to grow the veggies and the animal who sacrificed it's life for me. I thank the Sun and Moon,  Mama Earth and all the Planets for their energy too. My hands hover over the food, sending Reiki to it, blessing it as a gift of nourishment to help my body to heal. The fact that I can afford organic food is something I'm grateful for as well.

Eating at least one meal in silence, listening to the sounds outside my window, or with mellow music playing is a ritual that I'm making an effort to do each day. I have a nice view of the trees and greenery out my window that I can look at while I eat. This ritual is definitely a challenge as I'm used to having my computer to distract and stimulate me while I eat. It's so tempting to just entertain myself with technology and I realize how addicted I am.

Some other eating rituals I'm attempting:
1. Chewing more before I swallow, pacing myself instead of eating so fast.
2. Really tasting the flavor of the food.
3. Saying a mantra instead of thinking while I eat (Sat Nam).

Yesterday my Energy was a steady 6 and Mood also 6. My car broke down at the post office and I had to wait for 2.5 hours for a tow truck. My boyfriend helped out by coming to try and rescue me with a jump but that didn't work. I wasn't exhausted or moody which was nice because it would've been a lot more stressful to deal with the whole situation. Without energy, everything is stressful. I had packed some carrots and nut butter and crackers to keep my blood sugar steady. The repairs are not too bad but it always sucks to have unexpected car expenses. Doesn't surprise me with Mars/Saturn in Scorpio in my 4th house of vehicles I've had quite a few car issues this year.

Oh and 4 supplements from Endo-Met Labs came so I started a full day on them yesterday. Still waiting for some other supplements and my enema bag but I did buy the coffee so I'm all ready to clear out the poop shoot. I am having a hard time imagining life without at least a little bit of sweets. We'll see about that one.

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