Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First 7 Days on the Diet and the Astrology of My New Chapter

I started the Nutritional Balancing diet on 08/27/14. Today is day 7 and my supplements and enema bag should be arriving today in the mail. I can't wait to get started. I haven't been completely diligent with the diet as I've been drinking 1 cup of Earl Grey with half and half and a 1/2 teaspoon of coconut sugar in the morning and bowl of Gluten Free Peanut Butter Puffs in the evening with Almond Milk. Other than that I'm eating the diet as outlined in the fast oxidizer protocol. My snack has been 6 or 7 rice crackers with 4 oz of Raw Goat Cheese. I'm going to buy some roasted Pecan or Cashew butter to add in as a snack too. It's expensive but it will probably last me awhile. Eventually as I detox and feel more natural energy, I'm assuming I won't even want the sugar and caffeine.

So far, the only day I haven't woken up tired with a slight headache has been yesterday. My average Energy rating is a 5 (on a scale of 1-10) and my Mood rating was a 5. Except yesterday I rated both 6/7 because I felt slightly energized all day and was in a positive mood. Today I woke up with the headache again, I think it's from the sugar but not sure.

I'm studying astrology and am still only a novice but I'd like to try to explain what's going on in the sky regarding this new chapter in my life. First of all there's Jupiter in my 1st house, which means I'm entering a whole new 12 year cycle. The last time Jupiter was in my 1st house, I switched careers and decided to become a T.V. editor.  I moved to LA for an editing tech school that I took a $20k private loan out to go to, on top of my undergrad loans. It ended up being a risk that paid off as I landed a job as a Transcriber within 6 of moving there on a show called "The Next American Princess". I caught on quick and climbed the ladder from assistant editor to junior editor to editor within 3 years. It was an exciting time, especially in the first couple years, I was an eager beaver working hard and enthusiastically soaking up the new skills and knowledge. I even worked for free editing a pilot while having a night job. The candle was definitely was burning at both ends, I was hyped up on coffee during the day, smoking pot and drinking wine at night, and for a short time taking diet pills that acted like speed. No wonder I burned my adrenals out! I happened to be journaling at the time and I noted the day I decided to go to school. It was on October 24th, 2002 when I turned 25. Jupiter was at 15° Leo, exactly conjunct my Ascendant. So interesting! It's no wonder I'm changing directions right now. Jupiter will be exactly conjunct my ascendent again on September 30th this month. I'm curious to see what will happen this time. This time around, whatever I choose to pursue I feel much more grounded and I know to pace myself so I don't burn myself out like I did before. Shortly after that cycle began, I entered my Saturn Sade Sati, the 7 year cycle when Saturn passes over the Natal Moon. Saturn and Pluto's movement have kicked my ass a thousand times, teaching me to slow down, go within, learn to connect with spirit and take care of my body. I now know that it doesn't matter how much money I'm making, how successful I am in my career, how great my relationships are, where I am in the world, if I'm not stabilized and moving from the still ground of being, I won't be fulfilled. From that crucial foundational place, I'm rebuilding my energy reserves to be able to move out into the world and be of service.

I'm looking forward to starting the Meditation that Dr. Wilson recommends while I do my first coffee enema. He is all about moving energy downwards. This is contrary to what I've been doing in Kundalini. I'm going to keep doing Kundalini but will now circle the energy back down the front of my body after I bring it up the spine to the third eye. His concept makes sense to me. I'll write more about this later as I try it. I think it's a very interesting concept. Because my Sun is debilitated in Libra, it's been really difficult to "hear" guidance and connect with my inner authority. I wanted to be pinned down by spirit and sent clear messages like some people are, but so far this hasn't happened. Although I'm many times more intuitive than I've ever been, I've still got a lot of clearing to do and know that as I heal more this intuition will only get stronger.

Saturn and Mars are also currently transiting through Scorpio in my 4th house of inner contentment and well being, the mother, home, family, and vehicles. They are squaring my moon in my first house. The Moon represents our ego identity and our mindset, 1st house is all about the life path and the body. There's a fierceness in me about my health and wellbeing that I didn't have before. I'm definitely feeling identified with the idea of radiant health as my life path. Mars is the warrior planet and Saturn is the planet of discipline and detachment. Mars is giving me passion to initiate this program to get healthy and Saturn is giving me the discipline to stick with it. I'm also letting go of my ideas around food and what "good" food is. Even in just 7 days, I'm starting to really enjoy the simplicity of a bowl of broccoli lightly salted and buttered with a chicken thigh. I used to get overwhelmed with the idea of cooking for myself and others because I thought it had to be so diverse and fancy so I would eat out more than cook. I would eat a lot of burritos, sandwiches, carbs, some veggies but not much. This new concept of simplicity is making it easier to feed myself and it feels good. Pluto has been transiting for the last few years through my 6th house of daily routines and health, working on me at a deep psychological level about my ideas of health and making me question my daily routines. Pluto is squaring my Sun in the 3rd house. The Sun represents authority figures and Pluto is the planet of transformation. I think this tension has to do with why I'm not willing to accept the current mainstream authority on the subject of health. Frankly I'm absolutely appalled and outraged that Western Medicine is so incompetent and out of touch with how to heal the human being. I'm feeling inspired to be a part of the change towards a more holistic bottoms up approach to health instead of the outdated and dysfunctional symptoms approach that most doctors are utilizing. There are so many sick, tired and unhappy people in the world and it's all because we are being lead by sick, tired and unhappy people. The whole system is transforming and I am drawn to the genius revolutionary minds of people who have real solutions like Dr. Lawrence Wilson.
This is my astrology chart.

Okay time for breaky. Sat Nam peeps!


  1. Hey, I started reading your blog and it inspired me to start my own. I started NB about 2 weeks ago. I was doing the "free program" for a while before, but it turned out I am an ultra fast oxidizer and it was harming me :(

    I really like that I am not alone in all this. It's refreshing to know other people facing this challenge too.

    I am very happy you are improving. My prayers will go out to you so you continue to do well. :)

  2. Thank you Fast Oxidizer, I wish you radiant health and happiness!

  3. Hi Tristen your blog really inspires me! I'm on the NB programe now and I love it especially the coffee enemas lol! I'm abit addicted to them they clear the detox symptoms away. I've been detoxing heavy metals for 2 years before going on NB, naturally and most of my symptoms have improved. It's good to talk to others on this programe and I will follow your blog.

    My blog is www.naturalbornfoodie.com

    Check it out and leave a comment if you like.