Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Carrot Juice and Crazy Dreams

For many years I haven't really dreamed all that much, or at least I haven't remembered many dreams. Since I started the supplements I've been remembering my dreams almost every night and they're getting more interesting. Like last night I had a magical dream where I was flying around a floating land, it looked kind of like in the movie Avatar when Jake climbs up the floating chunks of mountain to bond with a banshee. It was lush and green and I was flying from castle to castle except without a banshee.

Two nights ago, I had a violent dream where an old boss I had in real life and I were on a date. He got wasted and I was driving us home in my car, we stopped in some parking lot and he wanted to make out. I wasn't feeling it and he got really mad and then pulled out a knife and tried to slit my throat. I got out and ran away from my car. (See my next post for my deeper interpretation about this dream. Thanks Sarah B for inspiring it.)

The next dream that night, I was in a bar with a couple of old friends. They were a lesbian couple and one of them was pregnant. She was chugging beers. I began to suggest to them how important it was that the baby got proper nutrition and they both just shrugged it off and kept drinking. I started to cry and felt so sorry for them and the baby. Then I left.

During my coffee enema the next morning I had a good cry. It felt like I was releasing some of the frustration I have with with world right now, a feeling I'm very familiar with (Gate 47). It didn't help that right before bed I watched The Gerson Miracle documentary on netflix. It really drilled home how many toxins we are bombarded with everywhere, everyday. The narrator explained it like this, "Avoiding toxins is like dodging bullets, in a hail of gunfire from multiple machine guns." Aiyo! We're screwed.

It's something I've been reading about and becoming more aware of lately. I think there's been a building sense of responsibility that it's my job to somehow save people from themselves and the toxicity we're swimming in. The weight of it was getting heavy. It was nice to cry it out.

Then I read in my NB book that violent dreams are a common detox symptom too so that explains the throat slitting one.

Now that I have such an amazing tool like NB, I want to help everyone with it. I realize there's not much I can really do except improve and detoxify myself, learn as much as I can, then inform through my website and blog and be available to those who want it. Otherwise it's just a waste of energy trying to convince someone of something they're not ready to see yet. But I am deeply concerned about my family and loved ones who mostly have toxic diets like I used to. Especially the little ones. I see their eyes and they look depleted already. I hope to get all of my family, even my extended family in the midwest, yeah I'm talking to you! on a NB program eventually, I'll just have to plant the seeds slowly over time.

I had my first 9oz carrot juice since I've been on the Nutritional Balancing program and wowzers! did it rev up my vibration. I even had trouble getting to sleep I was so energized from drinking it, that was around 2pm. It even tasted better than I remember. I'm definitely going to get a juicer as soon as I can afford it and I hope to replace my morning tea ritual with carrot juice soon.

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