Friday, September 5, 2014

Adventures in Coffee Enemas and Downward Moving Energy

In my enthusiasm for my enema bag finally arriving in the mail yesterday, I gleefully came home and began a coffee brew to get the party started. Mind you, at that point it was about 3:00pm and I was feeling really good, my energy was a 7 and mood also a 7. This was just from the diet and supplements. The supplements I started the day before and they were already improving my energy and mood. At that point I did have a slight headache and I felt my energy slightly dropping.

The first Coffee Enema went well. I've only done 1 colonic and 1 enema in my whole life so I was worried due to my inexperience that I wouldn't have control of my ole sphincter muscle and would accidentally leak. I was equipped with towels under me to catch any accidental spillage. Once it was in me, except for a few rumbles here and there, I didn't even know anything had gone in. I was able to hold it in no problem and after 15 min went to the toilet to expel it and a lot of stuff came out. Then about 5 min later I felt a rumble and went to the toilet and more stuff came out. And 5 minutes later the same thing again. After that first one I felt pretty good, couldn't tell that much of a difference. Small headache was still there. So I decided to do another one. I read that doing 2 back to back was very powerful. Now that I've done them I wouldn't' recommend 2 back to back on the first time.

For both enemas, during the 15 min wait period, I listened to Gayatri Mantra and practiced the Meditation recommended by Dr. LR Wilson. It's a focused meditation which brings energy down into the body from the head. Dr. Wilson suggests that everyone is desperately in need of grounding and I would have to agree with him. This has been an interesting topic for me to explore given that I have been practicing Kundalini yoga for the past 2 years which is focused on bringing the energy up the spine.
The 2nd round of the coffee enema with meditation was the most powerful. In order to get the energy to flow, I used a memory I have from when I lived in Taiwan in 2000. There was this incredible hot springs my friends and I went to at the famous Taroko Gorge. I also took my Dad there one time and that's my favorite memory with him. Riding motorcycles with my friends up through the windy roads overlooking the steep cliffs of the gorge is one of the most thrilling things I've ever done. About a 2 hours ride in, there are some hot springs people can hike down to. The actual pool is in a cave near the river and the hot spring leaks out in small streams from that pool. At the edge of the river I would find the perfect spot to lay in where the hot and cold water merged and my body was perfectly supported so I could relax. Fully submerged except for my face, I was nestled in between a few rocks near my head and some at my feet so I wouldn't get washed down stream. There I could look up at the spectacularly shaped walls of the gorge, breathe and listen to the wild river roar. It was the greatest feeling ever!

While laid out on some towels just outside my bathroom door, the memory of the gorge came to me and I began to imagine the river flowing into my head. As I focused more and more on this feeling and pictured myself as an empty vessel being filled up with this loving energy, my body began to slightly throb in gentle waves. After some more time passed, my lower chakras and my feet began to tingle. And soon the whole front side of my body was tingling and I could literally feel energy flowing down to my feet. I couldn't believe how powerful it was.

So the mysterious part is, when I got up to expel the 2nd round of coffee, nothing came out. And now it's the morning and nothing has come out still. I read that this is not dangerous and it just means my body was dehydrated. But I'm still kind of holding out for some action down there. Doesn't seem right that all of it got absorbed.

I definitely feel like I overdid it because I got a caffeine buzz and couldn't sleep until 2 in the morning. However my headache was definitely gone and my mind was focused and clear. I should've used less coffee on the 2nd round. It wasn't a jittery buzz though, it was just nice clean energy. I felt really incredible, but almost like I was high which I'm trying to stay away from. My goal is to get back to as pure energy as possible, allowing my natural energy patterns to move me. It's supposed to have a lot of healing benefits and I do feel it's necessary as a tool to expel toxic heavy metals so I'll still do them, just with only a tablespoon of coffee and maybe just every other day. Unless I'm feeling really toxic and tired, then maybe I'll go for 2 again.

I did get a lot done last night and woke up feeling good today, headache still non existent. It is hard for me to understand how the caffeine wouldn't be harmful to my adrenals if it's harmful when I drink it. Dr. Wilson and many of the practitioners have been doing and prescribing coffee enemas for 33 years and swear by the science behind it. I'm going to be doing more research on this topic because the last thing I want to do is cause more damage to my delicate adrenals. I'm super excited about the meditation and will continue to work with this energy.

Thanks for joining me on my adventure. If you have any comments about the coffee enemas, feel free to share your thoughts.

Sat Nam!

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