Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's Not about Willpower; Why We Keep Putting Crap in Our Mouths

Subtitle: Don't settle for a mediocre life! You are born to be healthy, happy and shine your light.
I woke feeling inspired and full of energy this morning and immediately felt overwhelmingly grateful. I have been praying for energy and mental clarity for more than 10 years and it's finally here to stay. I'm so motivated to stick with this Nutritional Balancing program because I'm already feeling so good and can only imagine how I will feel when I detox the heavy metals from my body. I've wanted to write for so long but didn't have the energy or motivation and now it's just pouring out of me effortlessly. I feel like I've discovered a gem and want to shout it from the mountain tops. Here I go. (See my next post for a list of supplements I'm taking.)

Last night in my dream I was at the movies filling up a plate with pizza, hot dogs, ice cream and candy. I was surprised in the dream that I was choosing these things to eat. Luckily I woke up and didn't have those cravings. I have to admit, a few times over the past couple of weeks it's been difficult to choose a plate of broccoli over a burrito. However, my cravings haven't been strong enough to deter me from the veggies. I'm more determined than ever to get my energy back. This is huge progress considering how I used to give in to every desire my body had. Cravings and the idea of willpower are something I've gotten to know very intimately over the years. Here's my rant about it.

Being in human form is a rare gift and we all have potential to use that gift or lose it. When we're sick and toxic life can truly just feel like a burden and a curse. And unfortunately most of humanity is toxic, we're born into toxicity these days. Not to mention our own government is supporting a food industry which pumps out processed food products packed with sugar and other toxic chemicals that we're consuming at an alarming rate. This explains a lot about what's going on in the world and the way people are acting. When the brain doesn't get the proper nutrients, it doesn't function correctly and our perspective is skewed. We lose sight of who we really are and we begin distrust ourselves and one another. The world become seemingly unsupportive and threatening and slowly we shove our hearts into a protective shell that doesn't allow us to experience the gift of life, in all it's pain and glory.

We are ALL born with these incredible body/heart/mind vehicles that are designed to be curious, create, explore, love, laugh, share with each other, connect with the divine, feel the whole spectrum of emotions, live in prosperity, and express our unique gifts. And this process doesn't have to stop just because we get old. The sad part is most people never get to tap into their true potential because they loose energy and give up. Many people are tired and giving up on life because they are one or all of the following;

A) Severely nutritionally depleted and toxic and addicted to junk. (which causes depression, disease, addictions, brain fog, and a lack of connection with spirit).
B) Raised in an unhealthy environment with role models who despite having good intentions, were raised in a dysfunctional world and are teaching dysfunctional ways of being. (i.e. work hard so you can get a lot of money and have a lot of things, beauty is more important than brains)
C) Heavily conditioned by the media to stay stuck in the rut of a mediocre existence. (working at an unfulfilling job, barely getting by, living in fear, eating sugar, drinking alcohol, indulgence and gluttony, materialism)
D) Informed by Western Medicine which is extremely outdated, mostly corrupted by big business, and addresses problems from a symptoms approach.

I have news for you, it's your birth right to not only be healthy, but to thrive and be happy. And now I know it all starts with proper nutrition and chemistry. The human body is the most complex and intelligent system in the universe. It knows how to heal itself, all it needs it the right tools. At their origin, all of our insecurities, emotional and health problems can be traced back to the lack of proper minerals for healthy brain and body functioning. It's so incredible that Nutritional Balancing has discovered this and is not only healing people but helping them to be truly happy and re-discover their unique, incredible, confident, and radiant selves. What a gift we finally have for true healing.

It's been confusing for me navigating the many opinions about what supplements to take or how to address my fatigue, depression and addictions. A few things have come along to help me, mainly Ayahuasca, yoga and meditation. And I would still recommend these tools to anyone suffering from life and addictions. Now, Nutritional Balancing has come along to help round out my journey to radiant health. It's an all encompassing system, addressing every aspect of healing, not just the physical, but the emotional, psychological and spiritual as well.

Please consider this for a moment. Do you really believe that your highest self wants you to poison your body? When we put toxic things like pot, alcohol, cigarettes, pills, sugar, stimulants, junk food, pharmaceuticals, and fast food into our body, we are being driven by a media conglomerate that wants us to stay stuck in mediocrity. It's not what we really want, we are just filling a void and following along like good little zombies.

Deep down we know these things aren't good for us but we can't stop ourselves. We are all just trying to feel better and ingesting this stuff can accomplish that goal temporarily. When we stuff a donut in our face, take a shot of Cuervo, or snort a line of coke, for a little while we feel satisfied. But it isn't long before the cravings start again and the void needs refilling. I'm not saying we can't enjoy and indulge once in a while but unfortunately many of the things we consider delicious contain highly addictive substances, mainly sugar, that keep us going back for more. What if you could live your life free of constant cravings? What if you didn't need anything to keep you energized during the day? What if you could feel alive and vibrant everyday? Would you choose to be free from your suffering? Nutritional Balancing is the solution.

The sad truth is that all of these toxic substances (which unfortunately are encouraged by our incompetent government and healthcare system) are keeping the human population stuck in chaos mentality, dumbed down so they can be easily controlled, passive, sick and disempowered. Why do you think there are so many advertisements for alcohol, candy and junk food? And even top athletes now are spokespeople for alcohol and soda? This doesn't make any sense. Why would a true athlete who depends on their body for success encourage the consumption of something that is toxic to their body?

The problem is, it's very difficult to stop this vicious cycle. At this time on earth, it's not easy to escape the downward spiral of the masses into chaos and idiocracy. Especially when you have adrenal fatigue or a debilitating depression or disease and it's taking every ounce of energy in you just to wake up and get dressed for work in the morning, fighting for your health and happiness is virtually impossible. When we're nutritionally depleted, simple functioning is a struggle. Trying to eat right when you feel like there's a freight train weighing you down is an unsurmountable task. It's a dark vortex that people get sucked into, and doctor's although well intentioned, aren't helping any by prescribing us medications.

Trust me, I know how difficult it is to stop putting crap into my mouth. Willpower has been something I've struggled with for most of my adult life. I've spent way too much energy beating myself up because I didn't have the willpower to quit my addictions. As a young and rebellious dumb teenager, I instinctively knew that what I was putting in my body was not healthy but I was confused and easily influenced by the people around me. So I started down the road of drinking, smoking pot and cigs, taking vicodin, drinking coffee, red bulls, soda, eating Taco Bell, KFC, and In and Out (I can hear some people thinking "but In and Out is the healthy fast food"- no people, it's not). I even went through a phase of snorting stuff up my nose. I knew I was hurting myself but I really couldn't stop myself. I wanted to keep up with the world, keep being busy and "having fun" (which at the time my idea of having fun included getting wasted) because that's what everyone around me was doing so I though that was the important thing to do.

The only reason I eventually had to stop this cycle was because my body began to shut down and die. I guess I'm lucky in that way. My fatigue and depression were a gift in disguise. They became so debilitating I couldn't ignore it anymore. I knew I had to shape up or my health would only get worse.  But it seemed impossible to get rid of my addictions. My life slowly became darker and more draining. I felt like I was slogging through mud just to function in life. My relationships suffered, I became isolated and deeply insecure with no drive or motivation to do anything. Simple mundane tasks like washing my car was a huge deal. I couldn't make commitments to social events because I didn't know if I was going to be exhausted or not. People in my life didn't understand what I was going through and got hurt because I couldn't show up for them anymore. I tried hormone replacement, detox diets, adrenal supplements, acupuncture, teas, tinctures, oils etc. but nothing seemed to work. Seeking for solutions became more draining because no one really had the answers.

No one should have to live like this. So many people in the world are exhausted and depressed. Our exhaustion and diseases are a wake up call from our higher self asking us to take responsibility for what we consume.
Over the years I have learned that the dark forces that are driving our cravings and lack of willpower are a combination of things. As I've addressed each of these things, my cravings have dropped away.
1. Toxins from the environment and our food.
2. Unresolved stuck energy from traumas in our lives that hasn't been released. These stuck energies become unconscious mental loops that play themselves out in addictions and other destructive behaviors.
3. Parasites and other entities that lodge themselves into our weakened bodies, further depleting our life force.
4. All the toxic media we are bombarded by on a daily basis encouraging us to consume things that aren't healthy for us.
5. Beliefs and ideas about ourselves and the world that we hold onto.

Again, I ask why is it widely accepted and even cool to need alcohol to relax and have a good time? Really? It's cool to make yourself dumbed down? The current collective consciousness around consuming sugar, stimulants and alcohol to have fun is so deeply ingrained in society that it seems impossible to reverse. But I know as humanity awakens and become more heart centered over the next 1200 years as we approach the Golden Age once again, we will see less and less of this need for external devices to make us happy.

We were born to be confident, creative, playful and enjoy our life without the need for substances. Sure having a drink every once in awhile can be fun. The great thing is, the more your body/mind get the nourishment it really wants, the less fun it is to get wasted Peace and clarity become more fun than the cloudiness substances bring.

The beautiful part of Nutritional Balancing is that it isn't about willpower and making ourselves stop these habits. Once we start taking the supplements, our body begins to receive the vital nutrients it needs so the toxic cravings begin to fall away naturally. This doesn't happen right away, but it will overtime, generally from what I've read, it happens within a year of starting the program. In the beginning if you have unhealthy cravings and give into them, it's okay, just keep taking the supplements. You don't have to have strong willpower and eat the diet, the willpower comes as the body gets what it really wants. Of course a focused effort on eating mostly cooked veggies, meditation, detox and relaxation will help the process along faster. Just by taking the mineral supplements advised by your practitioner after your hair analysis, the body will naturally fall back into it's desire for healthy foods. Also, your intention to heal and drop your addictions holds a lot of weight. Never give up.

The other process that happens naturally as the body heals itself with proper nutrition is that our old traumas and stuck energies are addressed and released. It's an interesting process called retracing and anyone who's done an extended detox program has experienced this. It can cause emotional upheaval, rashes, stomach issues, anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, and other uncomfortable effects, but these symptoms pass and the body feels lighter and more energetic afterwards because the issues have been dealt with. This isn't a easy process but it's so worth it to feel good again.

The first step to healing is accepting that you need to change. Ask for guidance from the universe (even if you don't believe in God or a higher power, just ask) and be willing and open to do the work. It's not always easy to pry yourself from the powerful machine of oppression and conditioning we are surrounded by. I'm here to tell you it is possible, and much easier with Nutritional Balancing. This wisdom is here for all of us to take advantage of Now. It's more critical than ever to reclaim your health, vitality and authenticity. Won't you join me?

PS. I realize some of these ideas may sound like a radical perspective to some, and you're questioning the validity of my words because I'm not a trained doctor or nutritionalist. Rightfully so. However I've gradually detoxing for the past 10 years and I have seen my addictions fall away as I've cleared out my system. I plan to get more educated and acquire the scientific knowledge necessary to be able to make these claims with evidence to back them up. I am a 6/2 Manifestor after all, here to go deep (Gate 48), shock people (Gate 51), bring impact, and educate the tribe (45-21) After over 10 years of struggling for my true health and happiness and learning a few things along the way, I finally feel like I have something to share. I am being drawn to become a Nutritional Balancing practitioner so I can help people who suffer reclaim their health. My intention is to inspire and motivate!

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