Monday, September 1, 2014

Current Symptoms and My Goals

Symptoms and Complaints:
1. Major Fatigue
2. Chronic Bladder Infections
3. Lack of Motivation, Willpower and Creativity
4. Sebaceous Cysts on my Head
5. Weird itchy bumps on the sides of my thighs (they'be been there for the past week and not sure whether I have bed bugs or what?)
6. Critical of others more than I want to be (this happens mostly when I'm exhausted)
7. Addiction to caffeine and sugar. 
8. Mental fatigue and occasional brain fog.

Goals & Intentions:
1. To wake up everyday feeling energetic instead of lethargic without the use of caffeine or stimulants.
2. To heal my bladder completely.
3. To open up the channels for inspiration and creativity to flow through me (without the use of drugs or stimulants).
4. To clear out heavy metals from my body and along with them any emotional blockages. 
4. To have the energy, motivation and passion to start and run my own business (either Nutritional Balancing and/or Astrology)
5. To have a consistent morning Sadhna with stretching, breath work and meditation to strengthen my connection with Spirit.
6. Mental and spiritual development. I want to reclaim my innate genius and talents and live the best life possible. 
7. To have the energy to rebuild and strengthen relationships with my family and friends. 
8. To have the energy to be of service. 

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