Thursday, September 25, 2014

1 Month Update - Newness is Wearing off and the Challenges of Traveling

It's been 1 month since I started Nutritional Balancing. The newness of it is wearing off and it's been more challenging to stick with the diet. I'm not as energetic as I was in the first couple weeks but I do still have way more energy than I did without the supplements. I've continued doing coffee enemas most mornings. It's a great time for me to meditate, helps with the small headaches I've been having from detoxing, and always makes me feel good afterwords. And I've been studying like crazy. 25% through the NB book you need to read to become a practitioner. It's a biggie! I'm learning a lot and will need to read it 3 more times to make a lot of the information sink it.

I'm searching for some new recipe ideas and am working on getting creative with veggies while keeping them simple. This morning I'm going to try making Rutabaga fried potatoes because I'm missing potatoes for breakfast. I'm not waking up hungry or craving vegetables so I've started eating oatmeal with cinnamon, vanilla and butter. This is part of the diet if you can tolerate a little gluten which I seem to be doing fine with.

It was my Mom's birthday this week and I got to spend it with her, and my sister. We went to Tahoe for 2 nights. It was the first trip away from home since I started this program. I don't know how people can travel and stay on this diet! It's very challenging. I was also on my moon while we were there and feeling tired so although I made a good effort and managed to eat some of my meals in alignment with the diet, I slipped up a bit because I was hungry and the food was there in front of me. Unfortunately, most of the world's restaurants aren't exactly in alignment with the concept of a 70% vegetable diet so even when you do ask for more veggies they give you maybe 25% veggies on your plate. I did have an amazing steak at Lew Mar Nel's and 3 bites of my Mom's birthday cheesecake which was incredible. Sugar is truly a drug! There was this place called Sprouts Cafe which served healthier food, I had 2 good meals there. For breakfast I ordered a bowl of steamed spinach and 2 lightly scrambled eggs and they were happy to make it for me.

I've slipped up in the coffee department. Because I started waking up really tired with a headache all last week, I decided I could have a cup in the morning and typical to Trista fashion I had one the next morning and next morning and now I'm on day 5 of coffee in the morning. I just love the ritual too much. I'm keeping it at 1 cup and lightly caffeinated so it's not really giving me a huge buzz, it's more about the taste and the ritual. Right now, I'm sitting here in the quiet hours of the morning sipping my hot coffee, relaxing on my couch with the window open, breathing in the fresh cold air while listening to the rain outside and writing this blog. This scenario is possibly one of my favorite in life. And the coffee makes it that much better. Oh coffee you are my greatest love and the thorn in my existence. Someday I will conquer you.

There's a fine line between seeking perfection and having the discipline I want to live the life I want. With Saturn, the planet of discipline, as my Atmakaraka (my soul's direction) and on my ascendent (the body), I am here to learn to be disciplined especially when it comes to my body and what I put in it. Also this is indicated in my Gate 21 which is in my Human Design personality Earth - that which keeps me grounded. Gate 21 is all about control and it's true, I am on a path of learning to be in control of my ego mind and what I put in my body because it will help me live fully in the present moment. And at the same time I have to be gentle with myself and understand I'm allowed to slip up sometimes. Also, I have to be gentle with others remembering they have completely different life purposes.

Being in the casino part of Tahoe made me melancholic and sad for the state that humanity is in. Casinos to me are just filled with unhappy, unhealthy people who are are under a deep hypnosis and can't get out. I guess I'm more sensitive now to the vibrations of a place because as soon as we left our hotel and went into nature, my melancholy lifted and I felt great.

I had an insight about food. Most people including me have been raised in an environment that is focused on food as the source of pleasure and satisfaction. So much of life revolves around food, getting food, planning food, saving food, preparing food, eating food. And it's been this way for humans since we came to this planet. But instead of food for nourishment, today we've evolved our eating to the point where we eat food to stimulate our senses so we can feel alive. Most food is incredibly rich and flavorful, made with tons of salt and sugar because our senses have become numbed from so much stimulation. To overcome our food addictions, we need something that fulfill's us deeper than sensual pleasures. We MUST cultivate a connection to GOD, whatever form it is for you, because this connection is the ONLY thing that will truly fulfill us. And there's a feedback loop, the more we work on giving our bodies healthy food, the more we can connect to spirit, the more we connect to God/Sprit, the more we want to give ourselves healthy food. Toxins (sugar, alcohol, anti-depressants, drugs, preservatives, etc.) directly affect our ability to feel this connection. This is why plant medicines are so effective. They help us remember our divinity and connection to all things while taking away the stuck traumas and toxins that keep us feeling separate in our everyday life.

I will continue on the NB program, meditate everyday, be grateful for everything I have, spend lots of time in nature, and pray for my connection with the Divine Creator to deepen.

Next week I'll be working on building my home infrared sauna to help me detox even more. I plan on putting it in my bathroom for now.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Letting go of Bad Habits and Making Drastic Changes

A few nights ago I dreamt that someone was trying to slit my throat. I was on a date with a guy from my past who was wasted and wanted to make out with me in the car. When I didn't want to make out with him, he took out a razor and tried to cut my throat. I ran from the car and escaped.

Yes, violent dreams can be a detox symptom of being on a Nutritional Balancing program. But a friend inspired me to look a little deeper and I'm glad I did. The dream interpretation of getting killed in a dream says; "The dream of being killed refers to drastic changes you are trying to make. There is a characteristic that you want to get rid of, a habit that you want to end within yourself. Alternatively, the dream represents feelings of being let down, feeling overwhelmed, shocked and disappointed."

Yes, I'm feeling overwhelmingly let down by our government, medical system and the general malaise of the population around what's considered normal eating habits. I'm trying to kill the habit of going with the grain, the conditioned mentality that says "oh don't worry, one donut/bagel/burger/candy bar/etc won't kill you" or "just relax, loosen up, have a beer." Well that's the mentality that got me to adrenal burnout and depression in the first place. This way of thinking is so pervasive, so sticky in the collective consciousness and that's exactly how our corrupted government wants it. They want to keep making money by keeping people sick, fat and medicated. Is it a secret anymore? They've got most of the population right where they want them; easily entertained, addicted to crap, numbed with anti depressants, distracted by trying to make enough money to survive, exhausted and getting sicker by the day.

I'm killing the habit of tolerating any BS in my life. The sweet complacent yes girl I used to be is dying. The warrior of light is waking up in her place. The substances and people who used to bring me comfort yet kept me stuck in a downward spiral no longer have the grip on me that they used to. And I'm empowered to keep going on this Nutritional Balancing path by the new energy I have. I'm coming alive, connecting more with my body and my values and becoming passionate about life again. Dreams and goals (besides getting healthy) actually feel graspable for the first time in forever. Just a year ago, my self esteem and energy was so low that I thought I'd never be able to accomplish anything. Well finally that phase is over.

For many years, I was stuck in the Maia, the illusion that I was separate from everything and everyone, and that what I did or didn't do really didn't make a difference. It was a deep, dark existential hole that I chose to dive into and explore. On top of that I was addicted to crap and my brain fog became so heavy at times I didn't really care about anything besides getting high and getting through the day. Guilt, shame, anger, addiction, and low self esteem clouded my view. I thought everyone was mad at me and was extremely judgmental of others. I didn't think I had anything to offer the world. Clawing my way out of that miserable hole took many years.

Now I see that one of the main reasons I had such a hard time escaping this mental state was because I was severely nutritionally depleted. I sense this is the case for many people these days who are living like zombies, lacking any real joy in their life. Many are just stuck in the familiar loop; work, consume, get entertained, numb out the pain, and do it again. Many don't have the energy to care or the awareness to know there is another way. There's an incredible fear permeating the air.

Well I'm not stuck anymore and now that I'm out of the mud, I see that my thoughts, actions, and words actually do impact the world around me and I know I can make that impact a positive one. I will shake people out of their haze, or perhaps I won't, either way is perfect.

The truth is that ultimately everything and everyone is perfectly right on track. The world is unfolding exactly as it should be. There is an unshakable peace in this ground of knowing that all is well. And at the same time on a relative level, this moment in this human form is as real as it gets. We can't escape ourselves, no matter how hard we try. Our perception of this moment is influenced by what we consume and what we consume in turn influences what kind of frequency we put out. That frequency can be one of love or it can be one of fear. The fear in me is dying and now my choice is clear, I'm choosing to trust and vibrate love.

This body and mind are a treasure, and if we treat it as such, we can uncover and explore it's true gifts. It's not an easy road to be a warrior of light, to free ourselves from our addictions and attachments. However, when we choose the path of light and fight for it despite all odds, we begin to connect with the subtle and innate beauty of life, we begin to shine the light of God/Spirit. This connection cultivates an inner joy that can't be taken away by any circumstance or person. And that joy is really all you need.

Personally I choose to fight against the malaise but treating my body with love. I'm interested in revealing my potential, living an incredible life, feeling great naturally and hopefully by writing about it I'm inspiring others to do the same. The journey to radiant health won't be an easy one, but I think it will be well worth it.

(P.S. This is what Mars in Sagittarius in my 5th house sounds like.)

Carrot Juice and Crazy Dreams

For many years I haven't really dreamed all that much, or at least I haven't remembered many dreams. Since I started the supplements I've been remembering my dreams almost every night and they're getting more interesting. Like last night I had a magical dream where I was flying around a floating land, it looked kind of like in the movie Avatar when Jake climbs up the floating chunks of mountain to bond with a banshee. It was lush and green and I was flying from castle to castle except without a banshee.

Two nights ago, I had a violent dream where an old boss I had in real life and I were on a date. He got wasted and I was driving us home in my car, we stopped in some parking lot and he wanted to make out. I wasn't feeling it and he got really mad and then pulled out a knife and tried to slit my throat. I got out and ran away from my car. (See my next post for my deeper interpretation about this dream. Thanks Sarah B for inspiring it.)

The next dream that night, I was in a bar with a couple of old friends. They were a lesbian couple and one of them was pregnant. She was chugging beers. I began to suggest to them how important it was that the baby got proper nutrition and they both just shrugged it off and kept drinking. I started to cry and felt so sorry for them and the baby. Then I left.

During my coffee enema the next morning I had a good cry. It felt like I was releasing some of the frustration I have with with world right now, a feeling I'm very familiar with (Gate 47). It didn't help that right before bed I watched The Gerson Miracle documentary on netflix. It really drilled home how many toxins we are bombarded with everywhere, everyday. The narrator explained it like this, "Avoiding toxins is like dodging bullets, in a hail of gunfire from multiple machine guns." Aiyo! We're screwed.

It's something I've been reading about and becoming more aware of lately. I think there's been a building sense of responsibility that it's my job to somehow save people from themselves and the toxicity we're swimming in. The weight of it was getting heavy. It was nice to cry it out.

Then I read in my NB book that violent dreams are a common detox symptom too so that explains the throat slitting one.

Now that I have such an amazing tool like NB, I want to help everyone with it. I realize there's not much I can really do except improve and detoxify myself, learn as much as I can, then inform through my website and blog and be available to those who want it. Otherwise it's just a waste of energy trying to convince someone of something they're not ready to see yet. But I am deeply concerned about my family and loved ones who mostly have toxic diets like I used to. Especially the little ones. I see their eyes and they look depleted already. I hope to get all of my family, even my extended family in the midwest, yeah I'm talking to you! on a NB program eventually, I'll just have to plant the seeds slowly over time.

I had my first 9oz carrot juice since I've been on the Nutritional Balancing program and wowzers! did it rev up my vibration. I even had trouble getting to sleep I was so energized from drinking it, that was around 2pm. It even tasted better than I remember. I'm definitely going to get a juicer as soon as I can afford it and I hope to replace my morning tea ritual with carrot juice soon.

Friday, September 12, 2014

I Watched Fed Up and I'm all Fired Up!

If you haven't watched it yet, I'd like to urge all my friends, FB acquaintances, family and anyone reading this to watch the documentary Fed Up and share it with your friends and family. If you have children in public schools it's even more important. The documentary is currently streaming free on Putlocker. I've summarized it here if you don't have time.

It is widely known amongst the medical field that too much sugar has been proven to not only make us fat, it also wreaks havoc on our liver, mucks up our metabolism, impairs brain function, and may leave us susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. ("Your Brain on Sugar") 

The government has a lot of propaganda out about what we need to do about the alarming rate of obesity in our country. It's telling us to use our willpower, exercise more and eat less calories. Yet the very same people are allowing the processed food industry, which puts sugar in everything, to infiltrate our grocery stores and schools. Sugar is the one of the most addictive substances known to man.
  • In a lab study, cocaine addicted rats were given a choice of either sugar water or more cocaine. Once they tasted the sugar water, 40 out of 43 rats chose the sugar water every time they entered the cage. 
Our government is supporting the obesity epidemic in our country by allowing unsafe amounts of sugar to go in nearly every product in grocery stores.

  • There are 600,000 items for purchase in a typical big chain grocery store, 80% of them have added sugar
Everywhere we go we are bombarded by advertising that triggers our brain to crave junk and fast food and it's making it virtually impossible for people to get off the sugar train. You should be outraged as we are being attacked by extremely powerful forces that make up the major food suppliers of this country. Our country is sick, diseased, exhausted, dumbed down and complacent due to our sugar consumption.
  • 1 in 5 children in America are overweight today
  • in 1980 - Zero Adolescents had Type 2 Diabetes
  • in 2010 - 57,600 Adolescents had Type 2 Diabetes which used to be called Adult onset diabetes.
  • At the rate we're going, 95% of Americans will be overweight in 2 decades
  • By 2050, 1 in 3 Americans will have diabetes. 
Where this all started? Back in 1977 - The McGovern Report, after reviewing a study senator McGovern warned that obesity would be a major concern if the food industry kept going the same way it was. The Sugar, Fat, Dairy, and Meat industries all banned together and lobbied against releasing this report. Instead they encouraged Americans to buy lower fat food.  But when you take the fat out of food it makes it taste bad, so they started adding sugar! The low-fat industry was born and our intake of sugar was on the rise.
  • So from 1977-2000 - American's have doubled their intake of sugar
  • There are 257 different names that food companies use for sugar. The body absorbs all of them the same way, secreting more insulin which converts into fat. So whether it's agave, cane sugar, raw sugar, it's all addictive and harmful if consumed over 6 teaspoons per day
  • In 2002 the World Health Organization which sets global health standards put out a report (TRS916) that said sugar is a major if not the cause of chronic metabolic disease and obesity in the world. They were going to reduce the recommend daily intake of sugar to 10% of calories, which is about 6 tsp.
  • However Sugar lobbyists got together and threatened Tommy Thompson, then the secretary of the WHO, that they (the Sugar industry) would withhold their contribution of $406 million dollars if the WHO published that report.
  • The sugar industry got their way and instead the WHO recommended the daily intake of sugar to be 25% of total calories.
  • The average American diet consists of 20-45 teaspoons of sugar/day.
  • The Let's Move Campaign by Michelle Obama was a good effort on her part to get healthier food to our children. The processed food corporations began to panic and instead of fighting her they joined her. The deal they signed was they had to change the recipes instead of removing harmful ones or adding good ones. They basically got away with re-engineering the processed food, creating new labels, and making new products that they could market. Nothing became healthier.
  • 50% of school cafe's have contracts with major soda and fast food companies
  • Processed food industry's banned together so the FCC couldn't ban marketing of their junk food to children. From 2008-2010 children's exposure to junk food ads increased 60%. It's been shown that kids as young as 2 years old begin to recognize brands. And which brands do you think they learn first? Coke and McDonalds! 
What are we going to do about this when right now eating healthy is like swimming upstream? It's actually cheaper to eat whole foods and veggies than it is to eat fast food, contrary to popular belief and what our advertisers would like us to believe. But whose going to choose healthy food when junk food is everywhere we turn?

As far as I'm concerned, if you're upset with the way our government is functioning right now, (and if you're not, you're in a sugar coma), one of the most radical things you can do to fight back is to take control of your diet and say NO to the processed and packaged food industry. Say No to consuming junk food and fast food.

We don't need to put blame on ourselves and beat ourselves up about willpower. It's not completely our fault, the cards are currently stacked against us when it comes to being healthy and getting educated about health care. But we can choose to take action against this detestable act of terrorism on our people by our own government.

A Nutritional balancing program allows people to get the vital minerals and vitamins they need through supplements. When the body gets what it really wants, it naturally begins to feel energized and happy. This is proven to decrease sugar cravings. It's the only real solution I see right now that can help people stop their sugar and food addictions without the need for incredible willpower and excessive exercise. Now we just need to figure out a way to get all the right vitamin and mineral supplements to everyone in the country for low cost.

In the meantime, spread the word about the Fed Up Documentary and start to taking steps towards reclaiming the health and vitality of you and your family. Please help your children by teaching them proper nutrition, put them on a kelp supplement at the very least to get them the minerals they need. Start introducing whole food snacks. Begin to change your perspective of what food is. Understand that 80% of what you see in grocery stores is not food our body wants. We need your kids to reach their full potential and be the super hero's they were designed to be. We need them healthy to create a brighter future. Back to whole foods we must go!

My 1st Detox Symptom and an Inspirational Testimony from a Former Sugar Addict

It's been 2 weeks since I've been on the Nutritional Balancing diet for my Adrenal Fatigue, and 1 week on the supplements and I'm feeling great. **I'm continuing the coffee enemas with the energy meditation ever other day.** They aren't making me super energized like the first one, I'm only doing 1 at a time and I just feel cleared out afterwords. The 4 lows program I'm on is designed so it puts the adrenal's to rest, in order to do that I'm taking a high dose of Ca/Mg. It's starting to kick in and although I'm waking up spritely early in the morning (6am) I'm slowing down around midday and taking hour naps. I'm also falling asleep at night around 930 or 10. This morning I feel a little tired. (on a side note, Saturn is Squaring my Moon exact today so I'm not surprised)

A few days ago I had so much energy I got a little worried because my whole body was vibrating. My practitioner said that my body wasn't used to getting that many nutrients and it would adjust back soon, and it has. Also 2 days ago I had insatiable hunger all day, I stuck with the diet mostly until the evening, when I broke down and made some Pamela's GF pancakes with sugar free syrup. And I ate 2 big ones and they were delicious, but I was still hungry! So I had another one. It's been more difficult to stick with the diet the last few days. I'm generally not craving veggies but as soon as I start eating them, with butter and garlic powder and salt, they taste delicious and I'm happy to finish my plate. I plan on finding some new variety in the way I prepare my food to keep it interesting. And I'll be sharing my recipes on my blog.

My first detox symptom is a welcome sign. Besides some diarrhea from my body not being used to so many veggies, I've had muscle soreness at the top of my legs in the hip flexor area for a few days. I looked it up and in this area of the body there are a concentrated amount of lymph nodes where the toxins gather. (see diagram above) They're called Inguinal Lymph Nodes. It's a common symptom of detox to get soreness in the legs. I've been massaging this area, stretching, and taking walks to keep the flow moving. Today the discomfort seems to have decreased. I'm glad to get a sign that my body is detoxing. It's making me want to build my near infrared sauna ASAP so I can have another way of getting rid of the toxins besides the enemas. Apparently, my whole posture is going to be shifting overtime as my muscles, ligaments and bones detox. Exciting.

Nutritional Balancing has already changed my life so much I'm going to study to become a practitioner so I can help others regain their health and vitality. My brain is functioning much more clearly and quickly since I've started the program. I'm already learning so much about health and very eager to learn more. Previously, I would've gotten easily overwhelmed and tired by taking in so much information and probably given up, but now I know I'll have the energy and focus to accomplish my goals. I have to read 3 books and take 3 tests to get my diploma. Then I plan on doing the Advanced Training where I work with an experienced coach on reading hair test results. One step at a time though. I have to remind myself, "Man man lai, little grasshopper." (chinese for go slowly) I applied and sent in the fee a couple days ago, the books are on their way. Whohoo!

Here's an inspiring testimonial from Elisabeth's Nutritional Balancing website.  I haven't talked with her yet, but I think I want her to be my advanced training coach cause I like her vibe.

"I am 38 and have been on a nutritional balancing program for about 2 years.  I feel better now than I have my whole life!  I am free of the anxiety, nervousness, fear, doubt and low-self esteem that used to be right under the surface.  This is such a gift.

Even better, I am free from the need to constantly eat sugar.  I used to" have to have it".  I would eat bags of hard candy, candy bars, chocolate and drink tons of caffeine and my cravings were so intense.  Nothing could stop me from eating sugar.

I was like a heroine addict.  I would lie, steal and sneak around to be able to eat more was crazy. Now that is like a dream.  It seems so unreal I was ever like that, yet it was less than a year ago!

I also have good energy, and I feel clear and calm most of the time.  When emotional stuff comes up I can sit in my sauna, do a coffee enema, do the meditation by Roy Masters - and I'm back to clarity.
~Elizabeth, Wyoming

Thanks for following my blog and have a beautiful day!

**Frequent Coffee enemas aren't recommended unless you're on a nutritional balancing program because they can leech important minerals from your body. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Detox Supplements and their Cost (Be Careful of Iron Supplements)

Here is a list of the detox supplements I'm taking for my Nutritional Balancing program and some vitamin and mineral information.

*NOTE - this was my prescription for my 1st hair test when I was in the 4 Lows pattern. It changes every 4 months. For a list of detox supplements everyone needs see my article here.

I've never taken so many pills in my life! But it's totally worth it. The supplements and dosages were specific for my hair test results. The numbers indicate the dosages throughout the day. So 2-2-2 means 2 pills 3x day. It definitely isn't cheap. I did the math and it comes out to $5.37/day or $161/month for my current regime. To put it in perspective, pretty much the same price as a daily fancy latte at Starbucks. I've already sent out a prayer to the universe to help me make enough money to buy organic food and my supplements.

Even if you're not going to do a Nutritional Balancing program because you're not ready yet, you can try some of these detox supplements that everyone needs and see how you feel. However, it is recommended to use a trained practitioner to get the formula just right. Hair Test results aren't easy or intuitive to read. I'm an approved practitioner and would love to work with you if you're interested.

Keep in mind, just by changing my diet I felt way better even before I started the supplements. (Haven't had to take my bladder infection supplement since I started the program!)

You also get a 20% discount from Endomet labs if you mention your practitioner's name. All of the info below is from Dr. Wilson's website. I summarized and added links if you'd like to read more.

TMG 1-1-1 : (Trimethylglycine) (I chose Source Naturals 750mg $19.59/240 ct) This supplement functions and acts like an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, energy booster, methyl donor and more. When ingested the body converts the methyl groups into components. One of those is a B-complex vitamin that has been shown to benefit chronic fatigue syndromes, allergies, alcoholism and drug addictions. It's also been shown to assist with speech and behavior in autistic people, it improves ADHD and neurological function. The other component is Glycine which is an amino acid important in the formation of collagen, among other functions. It also increases the body's natural production of SAM-e which helps with depression. *Note 12/30/15: Dr Wilson recently changed the recommendation of this supplement, women should only take 1000mg a day and men can take up to 2000mg

Limcomin 2-1-2: ($34.40 for 180 ct with 20% discount or more when you have a practitioner) This is a formula made by Endomet Labs which contains copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium, and vitamins A, C and B6. It's useful for boosting the immune system and to correct infections in the body. I suspect this supplement has a lot to do with why I was able to stop taking D-Mannose after a few days.

Paramin 3-3-3: (same price as Limcomin) Another formula made by Endomet Labs that is mainly Calcium and Magnesium supplements with some boron and Vitamin D. It helps balance the pH, autonomic nervous system, it calms the nerves to promote rest and sleep. They recommend only buying this formula because they don't get the same results from other calcium magnesium products. I was prescribed a heavy dose because I was in a 4-lows pattern and Paramin helps "put the adrenals to bed" so they can rebuild.

GB-3: 1-1-1 ($44.00/180 ct) An Endomet labs digestive enzyme supplement formula made from ox bile, pancreatin and Russian black radish. GB3 helps kill infections, yeasts, parasites and other flora or micro-organisms in the intestines that aren't ideal. It can also help destroy cancer cells and is an excellent liver support formula that helps the body eliminate many toxic metals and chemicals from the liver. (hence the need for the coffee enemas to flush out the toxins) The only alternative I know about which is close but not as powerful is  Now Foods Super Enzymes.

Taurine: 2-1-2 ($37.60/180 ct) Endomet Labs formula. An amino acid that is usually only prescribed with those in a four lows pattern. Helps will lots of things in the body. See the link for more info.

Kelp: 2-2-2 (Nature's Way $5.99/180 ct) Something Dr. Wilson recommends for everyone (except if you have a serious thyroid issue) as an excellent all around trace mineral supplement. It also has protein, vitamins and is rich in folic acid, a special form of calcium and bioavailable iodine. He speaks of why he chooses kelp above all other mineral supplements or green foods and also why it's important to buy the right brand in this article here.

Vitamin D3: 5,000 iu/day (Healthy Origins $12.34/360 ct) New research indicates that going out in the sun doesn't seem to help one's Vitamin D status much, unless all day long. Vitamin D deficiency is a growing epidemic across the world and is contributing to many chronic debilitating diseases. It is involved in multiple repair and maintenance functions, touches thousands of different genes, regulates the immune system and much more. It's very effective against many things including cancer, and it reduces the chance of heart disease and diabetes by 43%.

Fish Oil: 1,000 mg/day (Puritan Pride: 3 bottles for $19.99). Dr. Wilson doesn't specify the brand on this one and I had already bought these. I'll probably get a different one next time because omega-3 is the most important and this blend has 3,6 and 9. Omega-3's are important for lubricants for the joints, keeping the cell membranes flexible and as an anti-inflammatory. These fatty acids are very important for the nervous system and a lack of them can contribute to ADD and ADHD, autism, learning disabilities and many common mental and emotional problems of children and adults.

If you're on an Iron Supplement, please read this article to learn about iron toxicity. He says in many cases of iron deficiency anemia, the cause is not really poor iron levels but copper toxicity and or biounavailable iron. Many doctors are prescribing iron to patients who do not need it, including most menstruating women who have copper toxicity and copper biounavailability causing their anemia. This wastes time and money and leads to worsening iron overload.

Lots of love on your journey to radiant health!

It's Not about Willpower; Why We Keep Putting Crap in Our Mouths

Subtitle: Don't settle for a mediocre life! You are born to be healthy, happy and shine your light.
I woke feeling inspired and full of energy this morning and immediately felt overwhelmingly grateful. I have been praying for energy and mental clarity for more than 10 years and it's finally here to stay. I'm so motivated to stick with this Nutritional Balancing program because I'm already feeling so good and can only imagine how I will feel when I detox the heavy metals from my body. I've wanted to write for so long but didn't have the energy or motivation and now it's just pouring out of me effortlessly. I feel like I've discovered a gem and want to shout it from the mountain tops. Here I go. (See my next post for a list of supplements I'm taking.)

Last night in my dream I was at the movies filling up a plate with pizza, hot dogs, ice cream and candy. I was surprised in the dream that I was choosing these things to eat. Luckily I woke up and didn't have those cravings. I have to admit, a few times over the past couple of weeks it's been difficult to choose a plate of broccoli over a burrito. However, my cravings haven't been strong enough to deter me from the veggies. I'm more determined than ever to get my energy back. This is huge progress considering how I used to give in to every desire my body had. Cravings and the idea of willpower are something I've gotten to know very intimately over the years. Here's my rant about it.

Being in human form is a rare gift and we all have potential to use that gift or lose it. When we're sick and toxic life can truly just feel like a burden and a curse. And unfortunately most of humanity is toxic, we're born into toxicity these days. Not to mention our own government is supporting a food industry which pumps out processed food products packed with sugar and other toxic chemicals that we're consuming at an alarming rate. This explains a lot about what's going on in the world and the way people are acting. When the brain doesn't get the proper nutrients, it doesn't function correctly and our perspective is skewed. We lose sight of who we really are and we begin distrust ourselves and one another. The world become seemingly unsupportive and threatening and slowly we shove our hearts into a protective shell that doesn't allow us to experience the gift of life, in all it's pain and glory.

We are ALL born with these incredible body/heart/mind vehicles that are designed to be curious, create, explore, love, laugh, share with each other, connect with the divine, feel the whole spectrum of emotions, live in prosperity, and express our unique gifts. And this process doesn't have to stop just because we get old. The sad part is most people never get to tap into their true potential because they loose energy and give up. Many people are tired and giving up on life because they are one or all of the following;

A) Severely nutritionally depleted and toxic and addicted to junk. (which causes depression, disease, addictions, brain fog, and a lack of connection with spirit).
B) Raised in an unhealthy environment with role models who despite having good intentions, were raised in a dysfunctional world and are teaching dysfunctional ways of being. (i.e. work hard so you can get a lot of money and have a lot of things, beauty is more important than brains)
C) Heavily conditioned by the media to stay stuck in the rut of a mediocre existence. (working at an unfulfilling job, barely getting by, living in fear, eating sugar, drinking alcohol, indulgence and gluttony, materialism)
D) Informed by Western Medicine which is extremely outdated, mostly corrupted by big business, and addresses problems from a symptoms approach.

I have news for you, it's your birth right to not only be healthy, but to thrive and be happy. And now I know it all starts with proper nutrition and chemistry. The human body is the most complex and intelligent system in the universe. It knows how to heal itself, all it needs it the right tools. At their origin, all of our insecurities, emotional and health problems can be traced back to the lack of proper minerals for healthy brain and body functioning. It's so incredible that Nutritional Balancing has discovered this and is not only healing people but helping them to be truly happy and re-discover their unique, incredible, confident, and radiant selves. What a gift we finally have for true healing.

It's been confusing for me navigating the many opinions about what supplements to take or how to address my fatigue, depression and addictions. A few things have come along to help me, mainly Ayahuasca, yoga and meditation. And I would still recommend these tools to anyone suffering from life and addictions. Now, Nutritional Balancing has come along to help round out my journey to radiant health. It's an all encompassing system, addressing every aspect of healing, not just the physical, but the emotional, psychological and spiritual as well.

Please consider this for a moment. Do you really believe that your highest self wants you to poison your body? When we put toxic things like pot, alcohol, cigarettes, pills, sugar, stimulants, junk food, pharmaceuticals, and fast food into our body, we are being driven by a media conglomerate that wants us to stay stuck in mediocrity. It's not what we really want, we are just filling a void and following along like good little zombies.

Deep down we know these things aren't good for us but we can't stop ourselves. We are all just trying to feel better and ingesting this stuff can accomplish that goal temporarily. When we stuff a donut in our face, take a shot of Cuervo, or snort a line of coke, for a little while we feel satisfied. But it isn't long before the cravings start again and the void needs refilling. I'm not saying we can't enjoy and indulge once in a while but unfortunately many of the things we consider delicious contain highly addictive substances, mainly sugar, that keep us going back for more. What if you could live your life free of constant cravings? What if you didn't need anything to keep you energized during the day? What if you could feel alive and vibrant everyday? Would you choose to be free from your suffering? Nutritional Balancing is the solution.

The sad truth is that all of these toxic substances (which unfortunately are encouraged by our incompetent government and healthcare system) are keeping the human population stuck in chaos mentality, dumbed down so they can be easily controlled, passive, sick and disempowered. Why do you think there are so many advertisements for alcohol, candy and junk food? And even top athletes now are spokespeople for alcohol and soda? This doesn't make any sense. Why would a true athlete who depends on their body for success encourage the consumption of something that is toxic to their body?

The problem is, it's very difficult to stop this vicious cycle. At this time on earth, it's not easy to escape the downward spiral of the masses into chaos and idiocracy. Especially when you have adrenal fatigue or a debilitating depression or disease and it's taking every ounce of energy in you just to wake up and get dressed for work in the morning, fighting for your health and happiness is virtually impossible. When we're nutritionally depleted, simple functioning is a struggle. Trying to eat right when you feel like there's a freight train weighing you down is an unsurmountable task. It's a dark vortex that people get sucked into, and doctor's although well intentioned, aren't helping any by prescribing us medications.

Trust me, I know how difficult it is to stop putting crap into my mouth. Willpower has been something I've struggled with for most of my adult life. I've spent way too much energy beating myself up because I didn't have the willpower to quit my addictions. As a young and rebellious dumb teenager, I instinctively knew that what I was putting in my body was not healthy but I was confused and easily influenced by the people around me. So I started down the road of drinking, smoking pot and cigs, taking vicodin, drinking coffee, red bulls, soda, eating Taco Bell, KFC, and In and Out (I can hear some people thinking "but In and Out is the healthy fast food"- no people, it's not). I even went through a phase of snorting stuff up my nose. I knew I was hurting myself but I really couldn't stop myself. I wanted to keep up with the world, keep being busy and "having fun" (which at the time my idea of having fun included getting wasted) because that's what everyone around me was doing so I though that was the important thing to do.

The only reason I eventually had to stop this cycle was because my body began to shut down and die. I guess I'm lucky in that way. My fatigue and depression were a gift in disguise. They became so debilitating I couldn't ignore it anymore. I knew I had to shape up or my health would only get worse.  But it seemed impossible to get rid of my addictions. My life slowly became darker and more draining. I felt like I was slogging through mud just to function in life. My relationships suffered, I became isolated and deeply insecure with no drive or motivation to do anything. Simple mundane tasks like washing my car was a huge deal. I couldn't make commitments to social events because I didn't know if I was going to be exhausted or not. People in my life didn't understand what I was going through and got hurt because I couldn't show up for them anymore. I tried hormone replacement, detox diets, adrenal supplements, acupuncture, teas, tinctures, oils etc. but nothing seemed to work. Seeking for solutions became more draining because no one really had the answers.

No one should have to live like this. So many people in the world are exhausted and depressed. Our exhaustion and diseases are a wake up call from our higher self asking us to take responsibility for what we consume.
Over the years I have learned that the dark forces that are driving our cravings and lack of willpower are a combination of things. As I've addressed each of these things, my cravings have dropped away.
1. Toxins from the environment and our food.
2. Unresolved stuck energy from traumas in our lives that hasn't been released. These stuck energies become unconscious mental loops that play themselves out in addictions and other destructive behaviors.
3. Parasites and other entities that lodge themselves into our weakened bodies, further depleting our life force.
4. All the toxic media we are bombarded by on a daily basis encouraging us to consume things that aren't healthy for us.
5. Beliefs and ideas about ourselves and the world that we hold onto.

Again, I ask why is it widely accepted and even cool to need alcohol to relax and have a good time? Really? It's cool to make yourself dumbed down? The current collective consciousness around consuming sugar, stimulants and alcohol to have fun is so deeply ingrained in society that it seems impossible to reverse. But I know as humanity awakens and become more heart centered over the next 1200 years as we approach the Golden Age once again, we will see less and less of this need for external devices to make us happy.

We were born to be confident, creative, playful and enjoy our life without the need for substances. Sure having a drink every once in awhile can be fun. The great thing is, the more your body/mind get the nourishment it really wants, the less fun it is to get wasted Peace and clarity become more fun than the cloudiness substances bring.

The beautiful part of Nutritional Balancing is that it isn't about willpower and making ourselves stop these habits. Once we start taking the supplements, our body begins to receive the vital nutrients it needs so the toxic cravings begin to fall away naturally. This doesn't happen right away, but it will overtime, generally from what I've read, it happens within a year of starting the program. In the beginning if you have unhealthy cravings and give into them, it's okay, just keep taking the supplements. You don't have to have strong willpower and eat the diet, the willpower comes as the body gets what it really wants. Of course a focused effort on eating mostly cooked veggies, meditation, detox and relaxation will help the process along faster. Just by taking the mineral supplements advised by your practitioner after your hair analysis, the body will naturally fall back into it's desire for healthy foods. Also, your intention to heal and drop your addictions holds a lot of weight. Never give up.

The other process that happens naturally as the body heals itself with proper nutrition is that our old traumas and stuck energies are addressed and released. It's an interesting process called retracing and anyone who's done an extended detox program has experienced this. It can cause emotional upheaval, rashes, stomach issues, anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, and other uncomfortable effects, but these symptoms pass and the body feels lighter and more energetic afterwards because the issues have been dealt with. This isn't a easy process but it's so worth it to feel good again.

The first step to healing is accepting that you need to change. Ask for guidance from the universe (even if you don't believe in God or a higher power, just ask) and be willing and open to do the work. It's not always easy to pry yourself from the powerful machine of oppression and conditioning we are surrounded by. I'm here to tell you it is possible, and much easier with Nutritional Balancing. This wisdom is here for all of us to take advantage of Now. It's more critical than ever to reclaim your health, vitality and authenticity. Won't you join me?

PS. I realize some of these ideas may sound like a radical perspective to some, and you're questioning the validity of my words because I'm not a trained doctor or nutritionalist. Rightfully so. However I've gradually detoxing for the past 10 years and I have seen my addictions fall away as I've cleared out my system. I plan to get more educated and acquire the scientific knowledge necessary to be able to make these claims with evidence to back them up. I am a 6/2 Manifestor after all, here to go deep (Gate 48), shock people (Gate 51), bring impact, and educate the tribe (45-21) After over 10 years of struggling for my true health and happiness and learning a few things along the way, I finally feel like I have something to share. I am being drawn to become a Nutritional Balancing practitioner so I can help people who suffer reclaim their health. My intention is to inspire and motivate!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Adventures in Coffee Enemas and Downward Moving Energy

In my enthusiasm for my enema bag finally arriving in the mail yesterday, I gleefully came home and began a coffee brew to get the party started. Mind you, at that point it was about 3:00pm and I was feeling really good, my energy was a 7 and mood also a 7. This was just from the diet and supplements. The supplements I started the day before and they were already improving my energy and mood. At that point I did have a slight headache and I felt my energy slightly dropping.

The first Coffee Enema went well. I've only done 1 colonic and 1 enema in my whole life so I was worried due to my inexperience that I wouldn't have control of my ole sphincter muscle and would accidentally leak. I was equipped with towels under me to catch any accidental spillage. Once it was in me, except for a few rumbles here and there, I didn't even know anything had gone in. I was able to hold it in no problem and after 15 min went to the toilet to expel it and a lot of stuff came out. Then about 5 min later I felt a rumble and went to the toilet and more stuff came out. And 5 minutes later the same thing again. After that first one I felt pretty good, couldn't tell that much of a difference. Small headache was still there. So I decided to do another one. I read that doing 2 back to back was very powerful. Now that I've done them I wouldn't' recommend 2 back to back on the first time.

For both enemas, during the 15 min wait period, I listened to Gayatri Mantra and practiced the Meditation recommended by Dr. LR Wilson. It's a focused meditation which brings energy down into the body from the head. Dr. Wilson suggests that everyone is desperately in need of grounding and I would have to agree with him. This has been an interesting topic for me to explore given that I have been practicing Kundalini yoga for the past 2 years which is focused on bringing the energy up the spine.
The 2nd round of the coffee enema with meditation was the most powerful. In order to get the energy to flow, I used a memory I have from when I lived in Taiwan in 2000. There was this incredible hot springs my friends and I went to at the famous Taroko Gorge. I also took my Dad there one time and that's my favorite memory with him. Riding motorcycles with my friends up through the windy roads overlooking the steep cliffs of the gorge is one of the most thrilling things I've ever done. About a 2 hours ride in, there are some hot springs people can hike down to. The actual pool is in a cave near the river and the hot spring leaks out in small streams from that pool. At the edge of the river I would find the perfect spot to lay in where the hot and cold water merged and my body was perfectly supported so I could relax. Fully submerged except for my face, I was nestled in between a few rocks near my head and some at my feet so I wouldn't get washed down stream. There I could look up at the spectacularly shaped walls of the gorge, breathe and listen to the wild river roar. It was the greatest feeling ever!

While laid out on some towels just outside my bathroom door, the memory of the gorge came to me and I began to imagine the river flowing into my head. As I focused more and more on this feeling and pictured myself as an empty vessel being filled up with this loving energy, my body began to slightly throb in gentle waves. After some more time passed, my lower chakras and my feet began to tingle. And soon the whole front side of my body was tingling and I could literally feel energy flowing down to my feet. I couldn't believe how powerful it was.

So the mysterious part is, when I got up to expel the 2nd round of coffee, nothing came out. And now it's the morning and nothing has come out still. I read that this is not dangerous and it just means my body was dehydrated. But I'm still kind of holding out for some action down there. Doesn't seem right that all of it got absorbed.

I definitely feel like I overdid it because I got a caffeine buzz and couldn't sleep until 2 in the morning. However my headache was definitely gone and my mind was focused and clear. I should've used less coffee on the 2nd round. It wasn't a jittery buzz though, it was just nice clean energy. I felt really incredible, but almost like I was high which I'm trying to stay away from. My goal is to get back to as pure energy as possible, allowing my natural energy patterns to move me. It's supposed to have a lot of healing benefits and I do feel it's necessary as a tool to expel toxic heavy metals so I'll still do them, just with only a tablespoon of coffee and maybe just every other day. Unless I'm feeling really toxic and tired, then maybe I'll go for 2 again.

I did get a lot done last night and woke up feeling good today, headache still non existent. It is hard for me to understand how the caffeine wouldn't be harmful to my adrenals if it's harmful when I drink it. Dr. Wilson and many of the practitioners have been doing and prescribing coffee enemas for 33 years and swear by the science behind it. I'm going to be doing more research on this topic because the last thing I want to do is cause more damage to my delicate adrenals. I'm super excited about the meditation and will continue to work with this energy.

Thanks for joining me on my adventure. If you have any comments about the coffee enemas, feel free to share your thoughts.

Sat Nam!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A New Record and Some Soulful Eating Rituals

I realized this morning that I've set a couple records for myself. Never before have I gone this long without eating out nor have I done this many dishes consistently for myself. It's been 9 days straight that I've cooked and eaten at home. My whole adult life has been mostly eating out in restaurants, health food store hot bars and salad bars, and lots and lots of burritos. I've never cooked for myself and eaten at home for more than 2 or 3 days in a row. I didn't think I was an unhealthy eater compared to what I used to be, but I now see I ate way more carbs and sugar than my body wanted.

I've never done this many dishes for myself either. When you eat 3 meals a day at home the dishes really build up fast. I can't imagine being a mom and cooking for a husband and kids let alone myself. Shout out to all you Mom's out there! It takes a lot of time and energy just to cook, eat and clean 3 meals a day let alone try to get your kids to eat healthy. That's part of the reason I've eaten out so much, because I'm lazy and I haven't valued nourishing my body. I also didn't know that meals could be simple and still delicious so I was usually intimidated by cooking. Truly, I've taken my body for granted. Now I feel loving my body is the most important thing I'm doing so I'm willing to take the time.  I have the time right now and I don't have to go to a job and that's a huge part of why I can handle this program. Doing this diet while working a full time job would be much more difficult. Most office's don't offer a steamer or a full kitchen, just a microwave. Nutritional Balancing is my job right now. I'm actually eating 2 full meals a day and a few small snacks in between but that still makes a lot of dishes.

My food and meal time is becoming more sacred. At least once a day, before I eat the plate full of beautiful steamed veggies and protein, I am taking the time to be grateful for the abundance in my life. I thank all the people who were involved in giving love and energy to grow the veggies and the animal who sacrificed it's life for me. I thank the Sun and Moon,  Mama Earth and all the Planets for their energy too. My hands hover over the food, sending Reiki to it, blessing it as a gift of nourishment to help my body to heal. The fact that I can afford organic food is something I'm grateful for as well.

Eating at least one meal in silence, listening to the sounds outside my window, or with mellow music playing is a ritual that I'm making an effort to do each day. I have a nice view of the trees and greenery out my window that I can look at while I eat. This ritual is definitely a challenge as I'm used to having my computer to distract and stimulate me while I eat. It's so tempting to just entertain myself with technology and I realize how addicted I am.

Some other eating rituals I'm attempting:
1. Chewing more before I swallow, pacing myself instead of eating so fast.
2. Really tasting the flavor of the food.
3. Saying a mantra instead of thinking while I eat (Sat Nam).

Yesterday my Energy was a steady 6 and Mood also 6. My car broke down at the post office and I had to wait for 2.5 hours for a tow truck. My boyfriend helped out by coming to try and rescue me with a jump but that didn't work. I wasn't exhausted or moody which was nice because it would've been a lot more stressful to deal with the whole situation. Without energy, everything is stressful. I had packed some carrots and nut butter and crackers to keep my blood sugar steady. The repairs are not too bad but it always sucks to have unexpected car expenses. Doesn't surprise me with Mars/Saturn in Scorpio in my 4th house of vehicles I've had quite a few car issues this year.

Oh and 4 supplements from Endo-Met Labs came so I started a full day on them yesterday. Still waiting for some other supplements and my enema bag but I did buy the coffee so I'm all ready to clear out the poop shoot. I am having a hard time imagining life without at least a little bit of sweets. We'll see about that one.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First 7 Days on the Diet and the Astrology of My New Chapter

I started the Nutritional Balancing diet on 08/27/14. Today is day 7 and my supplements and enema bag should be arriving today in the mail. I can't wait to get started. I haven't been completely diligent with the diet as I've been drinking 1 cup of Earl Grey with half and half and a 1/2 teaspoon of coconut sugar in the morning and bowl of Gluten Free Peanut Butter Puffs in the evening with Almond Milk. Other than that I'm eating the diet as outlined in the fast oxidizer protocol. My snack has been 6 or 7 rice crackers with 4 oz of Raw Goat Cheese. I'm going to buy some roasted Pecan or Cashew butter to add in as a snack too. It's expensive but it will probably last me awhile. Eventually as I detox and feel more natural energy, I'm assuming I won't even want the sugar and caffeine.

So far, the only day I haven't woken up tired with a slight headache has been yesterday. My average Energy rating is a 5 (on a scale of 1-10) and my Mood rating was a 5. Except yesterday I rated both 6/7 because I felt slightly energized all day and was in a positive mood. Today I woke up with the headache again, I think it's from the sugar but not sure.

I'm studying astrology and am still only a novice but I'd like to try to explain what's going on in the sky regarding this new chapter in my life. First of all there's Jupiter in my 1st house, which means I'm entering a whole new 12 year cycle. The last time Jupiter was in my 1st house, I switched careers and decided to become a T.V. editor.  I moved to LA for an editing tech school that I took a $20k private loan out to go to, on top of my undergrad loans. It ended up being a risk that paid off as I landed a job as a Transcriber within 6 of moving there on a show called "The Next American Princess". I caught on quick and climbed the ladder from assistant editor to junior editor to editor within 3 years. It was an exciting time, especially in the first couple years, I was an eager beaver working hard and enthusiastically soaking up the new skills and knowledge. I even worked for free editing a pilot while having a night job. The candle was definitely was burning at both ends, I was hyped up on coffee during the day, smoking pot and drinking wine at night, and for a short time taking diet pills that acted like speed. No wonder I burned my adrenals out! I happened to be journaling at the time and I noted the day I decided to go to school. It was on October 24th, 2002 when I turned 25. Jupiter was at 15° Leo, exactly conjunct my Ascendant. So interesting! It's no wonder I'm changing directions right now. Jupiter will be exactly conjunct my ascendent again on September 30th this month. I'm curious to see what will happen this time. This time around, whatever I choose to pursue I feel much more grounded and I know to pace myself so I don't burn myself out like I did before. Shortly after that cycle began, I entered my Saturn Sade Sati, the 7 year cycle when Saturn passes over the Natal Moon. Saturn and Pluto's movement have kicked my ass a thousand times, teaching me to slow down, go within, learn to connect with spirit and take care of my body. I now know that it doesn't matter how much money I'm making, how successful I am in my career, how great my relationships are, where I am in the world, if I'm not stabilized and moving from the still ground of being, I won't be fulfilled. From that crucial foundational place, I'm rebuilding my energy reserves to be able to move out into the world and be of service.

I'm looking forward to starting the Meditation that Dr. Wilson recommends while I do my first coffee enema. He is all about moving energy downwards. This is contrary to what I've been doing in Kundalini. I'm going to keep doing Kundalini but will now circle the energy back down the front of my body after I bring it up the spine to the third eye. His concept makes sense to me. I'll write more about this later as I try it. I think it's a very interesting concept. Because my Sun is debilitated in Libra, it's been really difficult to "hear" guidance and connect with my inner authority. I wanted to be pinned down by spirit and sent clear messages like some people are, but so far this hasn't happened. Although I'm many times more intuitive than I've ever been, I've still got a lot of clearing to do and know that as I heal more this intuition will only get stronger.

Saturn and Mars are also currently transiting through Scorpio in my 4th house of inner contentment and well being, the mother, home, family, and vehicles. They are squaring my moon in my first house. The Moon represents our ego identity and our mindset, 1st house is all about the life path and the body. There's a fierceness in me about my health and wellbeing that I didn't have before. I'm definitely feeling identified with the idea of radiant health as my life path. Mars is the warrior planet and Saturn is the planet of discipline and detachment. Mars is giving me passion to initiate this program to get healthy and Saturn is giving me the discipline to stick with it. I'm also letting go of my ideas around food and what "good" food is. Even in just 7 days, I'm starting to really enjoy the simplicity of a bowl of broccoli lightly salted and buttered with a chicken thigh. I used to get overwhelmed with the idea of cooking for myself and others because I thought it had to be so diverse and fancy so I would eat out more than cook. I would eat a lot of burritos, sandwiches, carbs, some veggies but not much. This new concept of simplicity is making it easier to feed myself and it feels good. Pluto has been transiting for the last few years through my 6th house of daily routines and health, working on me at a deep psychological level about my ideas of health and making me question my daily routines. Pluto is squaring my Sun in the 3rd house. The Sun represents authority figures and Pluto is the planet of transformation. I think this tension has to do with why I'm not willing to accept the current mainstream authority on the subject of health. Frankly I'm absolutely appalled and outraged that Western Medicine is so incompetent and out of touch with how to heal the human being. I'm feeling inspired to be a part of the change towards a more holistic bottoms up approach to health instead of the outdated and dysfunctional symptoms approach that most doctors are utilizing. There are so many sick, tired and unhappy people in the world and it's all because we are being lead by sick, tired and unhappy people. The whole system is transforming and I am drawn to the genius revolutionary minds of people who have real solutions like Dr. Lawrence Wilson.
This is my astrology chart.

Okay time for breaky. Sat Nam peeps!

Monday, September 1, 2014

First 5 Days with Diet Alone- Bladder Infections Gone

Breakfast: Cabbage, cauliflower and poached eggs

I'm amazed and even more motivated to keep going with the Nutritional Balancing program. I started eating 70% veggies and a little protein about 5 days ago now and I haven't had to take D-Mannose for my bladder infections. This is huge people!! For the past 3.5 years I've had to take that stuff almost everyday. The interesting part is that I have been drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea every morning and usually caffeine is a trigger for the infections. So for me that just shows how powerful a diet with tons of veggies can be.

I also want to report I've been very tired and have had a dull headache in the frontal lobe area for the past 4 days. I woke up this morning and it isn't there anymore. I still feel tired. The only reason I'm able to have the energy for this blog is because I've had a cup of tea.

I haven't been able to cut out sugar completely, I have a half a teaspoon with my tea in the morning and everyday I've and had a bowl of gluten free cereal which has a little cane sugar in it.

My supplements and enema bag come in the mail hopefully tommorow and I can't wait to get started.

My First Hair Test Results

Here are the Results from my first Hair Test:

The results were a pretty serious wake up call, exactly the one I needed to get me motivated to do the Nutritional Balancing program. I'm in what they call a 4 lows pattern and have a Bowl Pattern, very low Na/K and very high Ca/Mg which show I'm in the exhaustion stage of stress. I have double adrenal burnout. I'm still learning exactly what all of these things mean. Here's what I've learned so far. 

The Four Lows means that the 4 most crucial minerals, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium are extremely deficient in the body. The analogy of the Four Lows pattern that works for me is that I'm like a car stuck in a ditch spinning it's wheels and going no-where fast. They also call it the tunnel of death because people who are ready to die go into this pattern. I don't feel like that is the case today but last time this year I was in the tunnel of death. My life force was almost non existent and it felt like my spirit was deciding whether to keep fighting or just give up. Last September I felt like just ending my life because I was so exhausted and so depressed at the same time. It was a darkness that kept coming back and had built up over the years so it was difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I really couldn't see any reason to keep going if my life was going to continue the way it had been. Fortunately I made it through that time with the help of the plant spirit Ayahuasca, Kundalini Yoga, Self Inquiry Meditation, and my friends Ruthy and Sarah and the trace of reaming will to stay alive. 
A bowl pattern is shown in my results because Calcium and Potassium are higher and Magnesium and Sodium are lower, thus creating visually on the graph a bowl pattern. A low sodium/potassium ratio is associated with exhaustion (yes), chronic stress (Somewhat), frustration (yes) and resentment (yes) and hostility (NO). I have been extremely frustrated because I've been trying hard to feel better and heal and I still felt exhausted. I have been resentful of my upbringing and have cleared much of this anger out with Aya but I suspect there is yet some anger to clear. The high calcium/magnesium ratio (mine is very high at 15.0) is associated with defensiveness of a lifestyle factor or attitude that is not helpful for a person. This one I'm still pondering. I'm not sure what I've been defensive about in my lifestyle.  

 The bowl pattern often shows that the person feels stuck in life. As I pondered this I realized I do and have felt stuck for a long time due to my depression and fatigue. I have fought my way tooth and nail out of depression and was successful but with continued fatigue I have many days of frustration and wonder if I'll ever be have the energy to achieve my goals. I've also felt stuck in my expression, creative and vocal, not feeling confident enough to express myself because I haven't been mentally clear enough to know what I have to say.  I've also had poor memory so I can't recall details which have added to low self esteem and feeling like I'm a boring person and have nothing to contribute. This can be attributed to the high aluminum in my system as aluminum interferes with cognitive abilities. 

When I was a teenager I had major perspiration issues and really bad backne. My mom took me to the doctor for it and he gave me antibiotics for my acne and a pharmaceutical topical medicine for my perspiration. It literally clogged my pores so I couldn't sweat. Needless to say, me acne didn't go away, it was the same or worse. Most likely this added to my aluminum toxicity because many of anticholingerics doctors prescribe for excessive sweating have aluminum chloride in them. Instead of asking me about my diet and lifestyle, he just prescribed a drug. Oh the idiocracy of western medicine! 

When I spoke with him on the phone yesterday, Dr. Wilson had the intuition that I was also lead toxic because lead makes you feel very heavy.  This is definitely how I've felt for the last 5-10 years. When the calcium in the body is depleted the body will use lead as a substitute which leads to lead toxicity. With my coffee addiction I wouldn't' be surprised if this was the case. Coffee is said to deplete calcium from the body. It will take a few hair tests for the lead to come out because the body doesn't mobilze lead from the tissue storage very easily. 

Current Symptoms and My Goals

Symptoms and Complaints:
1. Major Fatigue
2. Chronic Bladder Infections
3. Lack of Motivation, Willpower and Creativity
4. Sebaceous Cysts on my Head
5. Weird itchy bumps on the sides of my thighs (they'be been there for the past week and not sure whether I have bed bugs or what?)
6. Critical of others more than I want to be (this happens mostly when I'm exhausted)
7. Addiction to caffeine and sugar. 
8. Mental fatigue and occasional brain fog.

Goals & Intentions:
1. To wake up everyday feeling energetic instead of lethargic without the use of caffeine or stimulants.
2. To heal my bladder completely.
3. To open up the channels for inspiration and creativity to flow through me (without the use of drugs or stimulants).
4. To clear out heavy metals from my body and along with them any emotional blockages. 
4. To have the energy, motivation and passion to start and run my own business (either Nutritional Balancing and/or Astrology)
5. To have a consistent morning Sadhna with stretching, breath work and meditation to strengthen my connection with Spirit.
6. Mental and spiritual development. I want to reclaim my innate genius and talents and live the best life possible. 
7. To have the energy to rebuild and strengthen relationships with my family and friends. 
8. To have the energy to be of service.