Friday, September 12, 2014

My 1st Detox Symptom and an Inspirational Testimony from a Former Sugar Addict

It's been 2 weeks since I've been on the Nutritional Balancing diet for my Adrenal Fatigue, and 1 week on the supplements and I'm feeling great. **I'm continuing the coffee enemas with the energy meditation ever other day.** They aren't making me super energized like the first one, I'm only doing 1 at a time and I just feel cleared out afterwords. The 4 lows program I'm on is designed so it puts the adrenal's to rest, in order to do that I'm taking a high dose of Ca/Mg. It's starting to kick in and although I'm waking up spritely early in the morning (6am) I'm slowing down around midday and taking hour naps. I'm also falling asleep at night around 930 or 10. This morning I feel a little tired. (on a side note, Saturn is Squaring my Moon exact today so I'm not surprised)

A few days ago I had so much energy I got a little worried because my whole body was vibrating. My practitioner said that my body wasn't used to getting that many nutrients and it would adjust back soon, and it has. Also 2 days ago I had insatiable hunger all day, I stuck with the diet mostly until the evening, when I broke down and made some Pamela's GF pancakes with sugar free syrup. And I ate 2 big ones and they were delicious, but I was still hungry! So I had another one. It's been more difficult to stick with the diet the last few days. I'm generally not craving veggies but as soon as I start eating them, with butter and garlic powder and salt, they taste delicious and I'm happy to finish my plate. I plan on finding some new variety in the way I prepare my food to keep it interesting. And I'll be sharing my recipes on my blog.

My first detox symptom is a welcome sign. Besides some diarrhea from my body not being used to so many veggies, I've had muscle soreness at the top of my legs in the hip flexor area for a few days. I looked it up and in this area of the body there are a concentrated amount of lymph nodes where the toxins gather. (see diagram above) They're called Inguinal Lymph Nodes. It's a common symptom of detox to get soreness in the legs. I've been massaging this area, stretching, and taking walks to keep the flow moving. Today the discomfort seems to have decreased. I'm glad to get a sign that my body is detoxing. It's making me want to build my near infrared sauna ASAP so I can have another way of getting rid of the toxins besides the enemas. Apparently, my whole posture is going to be shifting overtime as my muscles, ligaments and bones detox. Exciting.

Nutritional Balancing has already changed my life so much I'm going to study to become a practitioner so I can help others regain their health and vitality. My brain is functioning much more clearly and quickly since I've started the program. I'm already learning so much about health and very eager to learn more. Previously, I would've gotten easily overwhelmed and tired by taking in so much information and probably given up, but now I know I'll have the energy and focus to accomplish my goals. I have to read 3 books and take 3 tests to get my diploma. Then I plan on doing the Advanced Training where I work with an experienced coach on reading hair test results. One step at a time though. I have to remind myself, "Man man lai, little grasshopper." (chinese for go slowly) I applied and sent in the fee a couple days ago, the books are on their way. Whohoo!

Here's an inspiring testimonial from Elisabeth's Nutritional Balancing website.  I haven't talked with her yet, but I think I want her to be my advanced training coach cause I like her vibe.

"I am 38 and have been on a nutritional balancing program for about 2 years.  I feel better now than I have my whole life!  I am free of the anxiety, nervousness, fear, doubt and low-self esteem that used to be right under the surface.  This is such a gift.

Even better, I am free from the need to constantly eat sugar.  I used to" have to have it".  I would eat bags of hard candy, candy bars, chocolate and drink tons of caffeine and my cravings were so intense.  Nothing could stop me from eating sugar.

I was like a heroine addict.  I would lie, steal and sneak around to be able to eat more was crazy. Now that is like a dream.  It seems so unreal I was ever like that, yet it was less than a year ago!

I also have good energy, and I feel clear and calm most of the time.  When emotional stuff comes up I can sit in my sauna, do a coffee enema, do the meditation by Roy Masters - and I'm back to clarity.
~Elizabeth, Wyoming

Thanks for following my blog and have a beautiful day!

**Frequent Coffee enemas aren't recommended unless you're on a nutritional balancing program because they can leech important minerals from your body. 

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